Upgraded gutters


A home that was built approximately 18 years ago had its gutters ripped off by a heavy build-up of snow and ice. The owners needed a new gutter, but did not want to have the gutters damaged by the winter freeze/thaw cycles and heavy ice build-up.


We added snow stops to the roof to hold the snow back from eventually falling over the roof edge. Custom gutters constructed of 1/8” aluminium were then fabricated. The gutters were fastened to the facia board and into each of the truss tails with stainless steel fasteners. The advantage to the new gutters is that they are far stronger than standard versions due to being 1/8” in thickness. Most standard gutters are made of thin sheet metal. The gutters are guaranteed not to bend or be damaged by snow and ice build-up. The gutters were also powder coated to match the color of the existing metal roof and to provide a durable finish that will not flake or peel off. The cost of these custom gutters is more than standard gutters. However, the end result is a gutter that will last the test of time and provide the owners with the peace of mind that they will not have to replace them again.