Custom Homes

The decision to build a new home is a big one. It’s also a wonderful opportunity because you get to customize every room and feature to your personal needs and taste. This can be both exciting and overwhelming. Thankfully, Steelewood Construction is there for homeowners every step of the way – from pre-construction to construction, project management and occupancy. It’s our job to make the process of building your dream home stress-free and enjoyable. You do the dreaming; let us do the heavy lifting.
When you choose to build a custom home with Steelewood Construction, we give you unparalleled quality and customer service.

Our Custom Home Construction Process

  • Pre-construction

    • Property selection based on your needs
    • Project budget, schedule and specifications
    • Customized design to fit your budget
    • Management of construction activities
    • Permit applications (development and building permits)
    • Engineering and soil bearing tests
  • Construction

    • Site preparation and excavation
    • Meticulous foundation construction
    • Custom fabrication of structural steel
    • Steel stud and wood frame construction
    • Meticulous roof construction
    • Lasting material installation
    • Care during construction
    • Long lasting trade/supplier relationships
  • Project Management

    • Schedule management of trades
    • Site inspection and supervision
    • Frequent construction reports (on progress and cost)
    • Acquisition of specialized products
  • Occupancy

    • Final inspection and walk-through
    • Completion of deficiencies
    • Apply and obtain occupancy permit
    • Post-occupancy care and maintenance

Our Custom Home Construction Services

  • Exteriors

    ‌• Low Maintenance exteriors
    ‌• Wood, metal, cement siding installations
    ‌• Long term results and durability
    ‌• Custom concrete finishing
    ‌• Custom window and glass roof installations

  • Interiors

    ‌• Living spaces for your lifestyle
    ‌• Comfortable and durable designs
    ‌• Built on experience
    ‌• Quality finishing

  • Foundations

    ‌• Start your project with a solid foundation
    ‌• Custom form work
    ‌• Specialists in structural steel
    ‌• Specialists in waterproofing and foundation drainage

  • Framing

    ‌• Large and small framing projects
    ‌• Ability to handle difficult locations
    ‌• Structural plans available
    ‌•Quality framing techniques

  • Bathrooms

    ‌• Custom glass showers
    ‌• Relaxing and functional designs
    ‌• Custom tile work
    ‌• Designed for your needs

  • Kitchens

    ‌• Custom designs and layouts
    ‌• Durable materials
    ‌• Built to enjoy with your family and friends
    ‌• Planned with your budget in mind
    ‌• Easily cleaned

  • Concrete Countertops

    ‌• Create unique designs
    ‌• Cast in place countertops
    ‌• Durable and low maintenance
    ‌• Different colours and surface textures
    ‌• Modern and elegant look
    ‌• Easily cleaned

  • Stairs

    ‌• Complete design/build services
    ‌• Custom fit to your exact needs
    ‌• Interior and exterior stairs
    ‌• Metal or wood construction
    ‌• Custom recessed lighting