When it comes to preparing a site for construction, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise allows us to provide earthwork services for all project requirements – from challenging, rough, rocky terrain to urban sites. With our earth-moving and hauling equipment, we ensure all jobs are done successfully, safely and on time – regardless of scale or complexity. Our services include foundation excavation, road construction, surface grading, Bobcat work, septic system installation, trenching, land clearing, rock removal and placement, heavy-duty soil compaction, and material handling.

Please review our earthwork services below.

  • Foundation Excavation

    ‌• Site prep and excavation
    ‌• Stripping of organic soil and vegetation
    ‌• Ensure proper bearing capacity
    ‌• Experienced operators

  • Road construction

    ‌• Construction of engineered plans
    ‌• Cut and fill designs
    ‌• Fill transportation (trucked in or out)
    ‌• Proper compaction
    ‌• Compact gravel roads
    ‌• Prepare for paving operations

  • Surface Grading

    ‌• Prep surfaces for driveways
    ‌• Gravel roads
    ‌• Repair drainage concerns
    ‌• Removal of surface rock
    ‌• Create a level surface

  • Bobcat Work

    ‌• Grading
    ‌• Backfill around foundations
    ‌• Material handling
    ‌• Snow removal

  • Septic System Installation

    ‌• Installation of engineered systems
    ‌• Installation of septic tanks
    ‌• Connection of drain pipe
    ‌• Field installation

  • Trenching

    ‌• Trenching for underground services
    ‌• Installation of underground services
    ‌• Surface compaction

  • Land Clearing

    ‌• Clearing of organic material
    ‌• Clearing of natural vegetation
    ‌• Removal of small or large trees
    ‌• Preparation for excavation

  • Rock Removal

    ‌• Rock removal from difficult sites
    ‌• Material/rock handling
    ‌• Ability to work in sloped terrain
    ‌• Create access virtually anywhere
    ‌• Build on sites with dense rock

  • Rock Placement

    ‌• Complete design/build services
    ‌• Engineered rock walls
    ‌• Placement of rock boulders for landscape walls, landscape décor, and depression leveling

  • Heavy Duty Soil Compaction

    ‌• Surface compaction to engineered specs
    ‌• Roller compaction
    ‌• 150lb vibratory plate compaction
    ‌• 750lb vibratory plate compaction
    ‌• Surface compaction for concrete prep

  • Material Handling

    ‌• Move materials on-site
    ‌• Loading/unloading of trucks
    ‌• Excavator: 33,775lb vertical lift capacity
    ‌• Bobcat: 3,200lb vertical lift capacity
    ‌• Ability to move material on steep slopes