Landscape Architecture

Landscaping puts the perfect finishing touch on any home or commercial property. At Steelewood Construction, we offer a full slate of landscaping services – from stone walls, retaining walls, irrigation, and water features to custom gazebo structures, outdoor kitchens, and custom planting and gardens. Our experts can start from scratch or overhaul existing landscapes to make any outdoor space functional and visually appealing.

Please review our landscaping services below.

  • Stone Walls

    ‌• Timeless custom design and installation
    ‌• Durable and lasting surfaces
    ‌• Retaining walls
    ‌• Driveway and path borders
    ‌• Raised and sunken terraces
    ‌• Privacy and wind barriers

  • Custom Gazebo Structures

    ‌• Custom designed and built
    ‌• Add privacy to suit your needs
    ‌• Custom lighting
    ‌• Protect accessories from the elements
    ‌• Natural beauty of wood
    ‌• Perfect fit and finish

  • Outdoor Kitchens

    ‌• Create a comfortable space
    ‌• Built-in BBQ
    ‌• Built-in side burners
    ‌• Custom storage

  • Retaining Walls

    ‌• Engineered to perfection
    ‌• Retaining wall construction to suit stone, wood timber, concrete block, and textured concrete
    ‌• Integrated plant and landscape materials
    ‌• Geo-grid slope management systems
    ‌• High performance drainage systems
    ‌• Regain use of sloped sites

  • Water Features

    ‌• Custom designed water features
    ‌• Relaxing atmosphere
    ‌• Built from durable components
    ‌• Automatically fills with water
    ‌• Environmental considerations in design (wind, ambient noise level, available space)

  • Custom Planting and Gardens

    ‌• Plants to suit your needs and desired look
    ‌• Horticulturalist designed
    ‌• Perennial and annual plants
    ‌• Custom installation services
    ‌• Create a garden sanctuary
    ‌• Add privacy to suit your needs

  • Irrigation

    ‌• Low-maintenance for efficient watering
    ‌• Designed for individual needs
    ‌• Fully automated
    ‌• Ensure watering needs are maintained
    ‌• Storm water retention and re-use

  • Driveways and Paths

    ‌• Steep driveway and path solutions
    ‌• Rural and urban design
    ‌• Accessibility (ramps, steps, etc.)
    ‌• Drainage and permeable surfaces
    ‌• Unique use of materials
    ‌• Quality sub-base design
    ‌• Border design (construction materials, planting)

  • Paving

    ‌• Excavation and grading to lot requirements
    ‌• Supply and compaction of road base
    ‌• Asphalt paving or concrete driveways
    ‌• Underground services prior to paving
    ‌• Proper drainage to allow water to be directed away from structures

  • Docks

    ‌• Custom docks to suit your needs
    ‌• Wood or aluminum
    ‌• Assembled with stainless steel hardware
    ‌• Custom built marine grade solar lighting for added comfort and convenience